The Fall of Five

Disclaimer: this post have spoiler

Arggghhhhh I want to throw this books across the room so hard but I don’t have the heart to do it because I love this series soooo much. *deep breath* okay so where to start hmmm oh yeah why the heck Sarah is alive and a member of the garde died WHY!!!!! And this garde is not even my favorite but it makes me sooo mad. I was reading the book getting lost with what was happening and then I didn’t even realized that I was at the last page and I’m done with it, is it only me? or the book was really short?. Or the plot was that good and I was lost in the book.

Does any of you know a forum or a blog I can follow about the Lorien legacies series????

Peek A BOOOO!!! I’m looking at you Kid!

The story –

Today is just another day of me checking out one of the popular social networking sites I’m into and looking into posts of people I’m connected with when I came across a certain photo. The said photo is a picture of a body with a tattoo of a dream catcher captioned “My dream catcher”. When the photo was posted somebody already commented on the photo saying something about the body being skinny and the tattoo “dope”. The person who posted the photo posted a reply saying she’s “I’m going to work out MY as*”.

The truth –

I know it’s not her photo and I’m 100% sure ( when I say I know it’s not her photo it’s not her and she’s not the one who took the picture )
-I don’t know if the person who posted the comment know her personally


Ladies ( okay and gentleman ) please if you are doing this STOP IT!!!. I promise it makes you PATHETIC even desperate. WE the people who knows you and the people who sees the photos you’ve been posting KNOWs!, please don’t mock our intelligence because we can tell the difference (okay you can mock the one who posted the comment). It is bad enough that you posted a photo I don’t even know what to say about the comment about you claiming it. Maybe it’s a photo available all over the web or even the globe but it doesn’t mean it up for grabs for anybody to claim it as his or hers, like this blog I’m very much okay for everybody to read this blog and even quote me ( wishful thinking haha! ) but it doesn’t mean I’m okay with anybody stealing it claiming it as his or hers. I don’t know maybe it’s just me?. If it was your tattoo design are you going to be proud?, if that was your body are you going to be flattered or be like what the h*ll I work out for my body and I wasn’t even given credit for it pfffft!. What are your thoughts?…

When in Doubt. READ!

Here’s are some of the books that I like and I recommend reading when you want to forget about your own misery, when your bored, when you want an escape or when you just want to read.

(Please bear with my short review/description about the book, it’s been awhile when I finished reading these books on the list. Next time I write something like this it will be right after reading the book)

Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber
– This book is a love story about a movie star and a bar owner. The plot is not far fetched from reality, definitely a story that can happen in real life. I love that the love story of the main characters bud from being friends then to lovers. I also love that there’s only two books in the series because the story is not stretched in a way that you feel that a conflict is unnecessary, and the conflict is only added just so the series can have four books. Love Unscripted is the first book sequel is Love Unrehearsed

Always You by Kirsty Moseley
– The book is good (although not as good as the boy who sneaks at my bedroom window), the story is about best friends turned lovers.

Bewitching by Alex Finn
– Interesting is a word to use to describe this book. I didn’t read Beastly by Alex Finn but I saw the movie with the very sexy Alex Pettyfer. I am so glad I found out about this book, it’s the story of Kendra (the witch in Beastly who cast the spell on Kyle Kingsbury). This book is a compilation of fairytale re-telling. The plot was very creative and like I said Interesting.

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams
– Ugh!!! This is the book that I love so much and I hate, I definitely bought out a lot of emotions from me. The plot is like a roller coaster it’s crazy!. (deep breathe). The book is about a sweet innocent Harper that is on her own in college and was introduced to college life (boys,parties and boys). So Harper is torn between two guys and there……..hahaha! I already have the second book on this series titled Stealing Harper but I just can’t bear to read it…..yet, I don’t know I’m just not sure if I go on to another emotional ride specially I know what’s going to happen. Hmmmm

The Cheater, The Slut/Bitch and The Heartbroken

Okay I don’t really know how to begin with this so just please bear with me and just read my rants/story/problem depending on how you wanna look at it…

Well I’ve been with my boyfriend for more than 5 years now, on the 4th year of our relationship there was a change and it is called long distance (and we are currently residing on a different continent). Now there was this girl on his workplace (the slut/bitch I haven’t decided which is more appropriate for her) who snaked her way to my boyfriend (yep, she knows he is not available). Well you can guess what happens next they started going out. Then one morning my boyfriend woke up with his conscience and ended the affair with the slut/bitch. Now this slut/bitch has the audacity to actually stalked me in my instagram account and started liking pictures that I would like so that someone can see the pictures she posted of her and my boyfriend to break us up. So that’s how I found out about the affair, and yeah thats how the character heartbroken was born which of course is me (unfortunately).

Anyhow the girl still continuously trying to stalked me (I don’t know why she is so interested with me maybe you guys can also give me an insight about this), and I honestly don’t know what to do with my boyfriend so there….


So these foods are my favorite while I’m staying in Batam, Indonesia. Some I just wanted to try out of curiosity and eventually it becomes those food that I will surely miss.


This is called Ayam Bawang (Ayam-Chicken Bawang-Garlic). So you have a deep fried chicken with lots and lots of crunchy garlic chips with it. The chicken is very crispy as well as the garlic chips, inside the chicken is tender and very flavorful. The garlic chips are perfectly golden brown so when you eat it there’s no trace of bitterness (a result of overcooked garlic chips). The best Ayam Bawang I’ve tried is in A placed called Baloi.


This is called Otak Otak basically it is a grilled fish cake wrapped in banana leaf. The one on the photo is the spicy one colored orange, the other one is the white one which is not spicy. I can eat a plate of this because it is very light, usually serve with a peanut sauce though I prefer eating it on its own since it is very flavorful already.


This is called Karipop, it is a fried bread filled with a spicy sardine (that’s my favorite but there are different fillings available like chicken and beef). This one is sooo good specially when its still steaming hot. Available from food booths scattered on the streets.


Apokat or simply Avocado Shake a staple drink. Present in almost all of the restaurants. Served with an ice cream on top (either vanilla or chocolate flavor, yup! Chocolate) and chocolate syrup.


This is a Martabak, it is like a pancake sandwich. Thick pancake that has a filling the upper left hand corner photo is the chocolate with peanuts then the one below it is the cheese flavor. The best one is the chocolate one.

I definitely want that boy to sneak in my bedroom window


Just finished reading the book entitled The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley. The plot is is surprisingly good, very interesting. What happened in the characters past it was kinda hard to swallow, they eventually grew up and lived their lives then their past is still haunting them from time to time then eventually the nightmare becomes inevitable all over again. So there’s the nightmare part of the book then there’s the romantic side, it is very sweet how the characters grew up to protect and support each other very ideal for me. The ending is just right very realistic. There were grammatical error on the book but very tolerable (for me okay, I’m not like a literary expert or something). I’m thinking the writer is new or something I tried to check iBooks for other books that she wrote and nothing came out, then when I checked google I’ve found a couple of books but I haven’t checked it out. Overall I would recommend the book (I already told my friend about it) it is a very touching story, the one that makes you think about hope and change. Ohhw and of course I would love if a guy like Liam would sneak on my window I think I will leave my window unlock for tonight hoping Liam would sneak in hahahaha

What’s New (anything under the sun)

Wanted to share to everyone some news here’s a run down and ohw please do share your thoughts as well 🙂

*Zombie alert! new season of walking dead starts on October 14

*While Para­mount has yet to offi­cial­ly reveal this title, it now seems like­ly Star Trek 2 will offi­cial­ly be called Star Trek Into Dark­ness

*Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds -married (source people’s magazine) -but no one’s confirming anything

Cheap Thrills from Hong Kong

Recently I visited Hong Kong it wasn’t my first time in China but it was my first time in Hong Kong and I must say the city is very enticing, maybe I’ll share about my whole experience when I’m not that busy. Right now what I want to share with everyone is one of the cheap thrills I’ve enjoyed in Hong Kong the food! specifically but not limited to *drum-rolls* STREET FOOD haha , it is definitely the highlight of my journey in Hong Kong and I can actually stay there and live on street food hahaha 🙂 so I’ll share some of the things I’ve tried it is not too many because after eating these things I’m sold!… yup! every single day that I spent In hong kong during my trip I have these cheap stuff on my daily meal. So during my stay in Hong Kong I ate the usual breakfast buffet at the hotel, lunch somewhere, dinner somewhere a little bit finer than lunch and then these cheap thrills to cap my day sometimes this also serve as a snack during the day and so without further due my cheap thrills diet consists of….


Got this from one of the streets on ladies market, this is something for your sweet tooth it is Belgium chocolate with vanilla cream bean. For me its like a pancake soufflé texture is good crispy on the outside, cakey on the middle and soft and gooey on the center. For the taste it is very chocolatey like its made from a high grade chocolate (i doubt it though) which is surprising considering it to be a street food, it’s not too sweet as well just right for my liking. The downside is if your in a hurry don’t buy this because it takes a while to be done like 10-15 minutes (definitely the longest I have to wait for my streetfood).


Cream Puffs – from Beard Papa 🙂 this store is always present on all MTR (it’s what they call Hong Kong’s railway transit) station and whenever I pass by it smells good I just have to give in. They have a great selection of cream puffs I must say these two are my favorites. The cream inside is soooo good best I’ve tasted, it’s not too sweet and it’s a great combination with the dark chocolate and strawberries yum!..


<;;a I don't think this one needs a lot of explaining (even in pictures it looks soooo good), How can you get wrong with bacon? for this one i ate at least two sticks a day hahaha…

Sushi – I know I’m not in Japan but this is really good and so convenient. Got this from a store that looks like a 7/11 that sells sushi again present in almost all MTR station in Hong Kong. The taste? simple,. fresh and flavorful, my favorite is the roe (the orange one with super small eggs)

Pucci – This is got to be the weirdest or it’s just a unique candy however you’d want to put it hahaha but it’s actually good. This is a melon flavored candy that’s not unique i know, the unique/weird part is this is candy with small tapioca 🙂