The Cheater, The Slut/Bitch and The Heartbroken

Okay I don’t really know how to begin with this so just please bear with me and just read my rants/story/problem depending on how you wanna look at it…

Well I’ve been with my boyfriend for more than 5 years now, on the 4th year of our relationship there was a change and it is called long distance (and we are currently residing on a different continent). Now there was this girl on his workplace (the slut/bitch I haven’t decided which is more appropriate for her) who snaked her way to my boyfriend (yep, she knows he is not available). Well you can guess what happens next they started going out. Then one morning my boyfriend woke up with his conscience and ended the affair with the slut/bitch. Now this slut/bitch has the audacity to actually stalked me in my instagram account and started liking pictures that I would like so that someone can see the pictures she posted of her and my boyfriend to break us up. So that’s how I found out about the affair, and yeah thats how the character heartbroken was born which of course is me (unfortunately).

Anyhow the girl still continuously trying to stalked me (I don’t know why she is so interested with me maybe you guys can also give me an insight about this), and I honestly don’t know what to do with my boyfriend so there….