I definitely want that boy to sneak in my bedroom window


Just finished reading the book entitled The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley. The plot is is surprisingly good, very interesting. What happened in the characters past it was kinda hard to swallow, they eventually grew up and lived their lives then their past is still haunting them from time to time then eventually the nightmare becomes inevitable all over again. So there’s the nightmare part of the book then there’s the romantic side, it is very sweet how the characters grew up to protect and support each other very ideal for me. The ending is just right very realistic. There were grammatical error on the book but very tolerable (for me okay, I’m not like a literary expert or something). I’m thinking the writer is new or something I tried to check iBooks for other books that she wrote and nothing came out, then when I checked google I’ve found a couple of books but I haven’t checked it out. Overall I would recommend the book (I already told my friend about it) it is a very touching story, the one that makes you think about hope and change. Ohhw and of course I would love if a guy like Liam would sneak on my window I think I will leave my window unlock for tonight hoping Liam would sneak in hahahaha


2 thoughts on “I definitely want that boy to sneak in my bedroom window

  1. LOVE ALL OF HER BOOKS! I found her through iBooks, her book Always You was the free book of the week, anyways if you can find Always You and the sequel to that, Free Falling that came out this past May, I would highly recommend it. That’s if you haven’t already found and read them by now! They both have that cute protective feel except Free Falling is PHYSCO! You’ll understand if you get around to reading to them c; I hope you love them as much as I did!
    Annika 🙂

    • Hei Annika 🙂 yeah I’ve read the other Kirsty Moseley books ( but for me the boy who sneaks is still the best ) but thank you for the suggestion. I will check out your goodreads profile when life is not that busy 🙂

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